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Anonymous asked: I wonder if you promote Twitter pages ... a while back Colin said that he would do an Ask Colin at 200k followers... he's currently at 199k! Maybe a little push around Tumblr might help us get the Ask Colin sooner rather than later??

Sure! Everyone, go follow Colin! @colinodonoghue1 

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Anonymous asked: Thanks for the info from WonderCon. Hopefully he won't be brooding too long since after 18 we only have 4 eps left of the season.

I don’t think it’ll last too long, but Emma trying to cheer him up sounds super cute, so I can’t wait!

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Episode Twenty-One: "The Jolly Roger" Discussion Podcast
Lisa, Maii, Michelle, Rohan, Serena, Stephanie
Captain Swan Podcast
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Episode Twenty-One: “The Jolly Roger” Discussion Podcast, recorded on April 18th, is available for streaming or download here [right click & save, .mp3 file, 62,4 MB, 1:08:09]. YouTube link here.

The Captain Swan Podcast turns 21! Which means we can legally drink - not that we would do such a thing! Instead, we answer listeners’ questions, discuss the episode, agree with Jennifer on the sexiness of Hook’s hook, speculate on when the next Captain Swan kiss is gonna take place, and I think there’s also something about the Jolly Roger and Emma catfighting over Killian… what?


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Anonymous asked: Do u think since we only have 4 eps left after tomorrows that he'll tell someone about the curse zelena put on him soon. i hope he does.

Yes, I actually said it in the latest CS Podcast - I don’t think they’re gonna drag it out, and I’d bet it’s resolved by 320. We got an unconfirmed (I repeat, unconfirmed) spoiler a while ago that CS would have a kiss in 320 - and, with all the other spoilers we have, I think it makes sense. Because there must be something that changes Zelena’s plan from “kill Eva so Cora and Leopold get married and Regina is never born” to “mess with Snowing’s first meeting so Emma is never born” - and I think that must be that she realizes that her ‘take away Emma’s power’ plan has failed and Emma is about to defeat her. And her plan will fail when CS actually kiss and, instead of it taking away Emma’s powers, it breaks the curse on Killian and Storybrooke. That’s my spec for now.

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Anonymous asked: I just realised that Snow told Zelena how she and Charming met. Now it all make sense that they're going to snow falls again. She probably don't know much but she knows that! And watching that episode again it could totally fit with the theory that Emma and Killian help them meet again

Yeah, I do think Zelena will change her goal to ‘change the past so Snowing never meet = Emma is never born”. From the 318 spoilers, we know she originally wants to kill Eva so Cora and Leopold get married (and Regina is never born), but if Emma manages to stop her original plan, it makes sense that she’d change it so the only person capable of stopping her would cease to exist.

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the void left by a broken heart

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and even if the world’s burning darling I won’t let you go

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I swear on Emma Swan

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Anonymous asked: Ginnifer Goodwin is on Jimmy Kimmel Live on 23rd April.

Wow. So close to her due date. Impressive.

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3x17 | 3x12

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I still do.