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Anonymous asked: did a new webclip come out of the next episode?

Nope, not yet! It’s very rare for a webclip to come out on Monday like last week, more likely it’ll be on Thursday if they get back to the normal schedule.

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Anonymous asked: i don't know if i missed something but why do you think he wanted to tell charming?

Because the very next scene after he gets curses, he goes to Snow and Charming’s home, Emma opens the door, he tells her “I didn’t expect to see you here” and then when she asks where Henry is, he says he’s with the Charmings and he thought they would be there. So that tells me he wanted to talk to them alone without Emma present. Last time he had a secret, in “Ariel”, he chose to tell the Charmings. So maybe he wanted to tell them both instead of just Charming, but I definitely thought it was implied that he was gonna speak to him or them both.

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Anonymous asked: you know what I enjoy out of this? the fact that the writers are basically using Zelena to be all "CAPTAIN SWAN IS HAPPENING IT IS ENDGAME"

YES! Actually, “Zelena Mills, Hardcore Captain Swan Shipper” should be a thing. Like the Paranoid Parrot meme, you know?


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i’ll stop you.

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Anonymous asked: So if Zelena can't kill Emma because of her powers that she got because she was born out of true love(?) can she kill Snowings other kid? Or is it more that true loves first baby is more powerful, like TLFK?

I don’t know, I think Emma has the added “bonus” of being The Savior, so while I would guess the second baby may have some sort of power, I doubt it’d be as powerful as Emma. Plus like you said, usually in fairytale the “firstborn” is the most powerful, which is why Rumple asks for them!

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icingspring asked: Okay, not sure if you covered this all ready, but can we all just freak out how that was the first time Emma was the one to be left standing there as Killian walks away after they share a wonderful moment together, when it's usually the other way around!! I mean, that's got to be pretty significant, right??

Yes, there’s definitely gonna be some role reversal going on in the next few episodes.

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short-nerdy-sophia asked: ARE YOU EXCITED FOR THE NEXT EPISODE BECAUSE I AM AND I CANT WAIT TO SEE MORE OF CAPTAIN SWAN. I'm sorry, I'm just a mess after last nights episode, I love this show too much.



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Anonymous asked: Why can't Hook just tell Emma about the curse? I didnt understand the reason!

We’ll see his reasoning (he did seem to want to tell Charming, at least), maybe he doesn’t want to burnen her with it or seem presumptuous. 

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You’re full of surprises today…

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I haven’t been myself since we’ve returned. I should have realized the reason why. It’s because I don’t have…her

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"because i want you to suffer. like i did .”
"when you invoked the name of your love in a selfish plea for redemption, i was able to curse you .”

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"Up close, she’s even more beautiful than I remember."

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Captain Hook in OUAT 3.17 “The Jolly Roger”
"He’s prone to violence, impulsive and has a hook for a hand. What about him would a 12-year-old boy not like?"