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Captain Swan Prompts Collection

Here is the prompt collection, like I promised. Feel free to keep sending the prompts via the askbox and I’ll update this!

If you write any of those prompts, please send us the link so we can have a fullfilled list!

Fanfiction writers… Hook wants you to write those fics!


Updated October 12th

suggested by anonymous

  • In Storybrooke. ”Will you stop following me!?” “And here I thought you were giving me the tour Sheriff…”
  • Hook keeps breaking into Emma and Mary Margaret’s apartment and using their stuff. He uses pathetic excuses like ‘I need to eat all your food to prevent scurvy’ and ‘I had to sit in your bath because I felt landsick’ etc. Whether or not Emma actually believes him is up to you, but you get bonus points for the ways the Hook tries to convince her he’s genuine.
  • Emma, Snow and Hook are back in Storybrooke. Gold finds out and calls in for the favor Emma owes him. Emma has to keep Hook from killing Gold. Unfortunately, Hook is pretty hellbent on Gold’s death so Emma does the only thing she can think of to stop Hook: seduce him.
  • 5 Moments When Emma realized she wanted to marry Killian; one of them includes Killian being mistaken for Henry’s father on an outing
  • now that we know that Neal will be back, Hook finds out what he did to Emma and decides to “punish” him
  • Captain Hook is planning his revenge on Rumple but then Henry sees him and is excited to meet Captain Hook and then Emma sees them talking and Henry has to go to school and Emma leaves and Hook follows her home?
  • Hook, Emma, and Snow are back in Storybrooke and Hook is determined to kill Gold. Mr. Gold calls in his favor with Emma and tells her she has to sleep with or kill Hook and Emma claims she doesn’t think she could kill him since she barely beat him in Fairytail Land…
  • In Storybrooke, Hook has a conversation with the/a swan, either thinking it literally is Emma (cos, you know, uh, magic) or just talking to it as though it is, not knowing Emma is nearby and listens to the whole thing
  • Hook loses his memory, Emma helps him remember. Based on the fanvideo “Hanging on”.
  • Cora becomes Cruella de Ville and Hook turns into a loyal henchman. Thus kidnapping pongo and his 101 puppies to turn them into furcoats unless Mr. Gold and Belle can find and rescue pongo and the puppies first! (?)
  • Neal comes to pick up henry and/or look for emma and catches emma with hook in a compromising position.
  • after all the mister ‘I’m sex on legs if i jab you with my sword you’ll feel it’ crap emma decides to show Hook that he is not the only one who can make his bed partner go crazy with pleasure and introduces hook to his male ‘g-spot’.
  • Sometime soon after 2x20 Emma loses her memories. How does this affect her interaction with Captain Hook?
  • Emma searches Tamara’s apartment again only to find Hook who is now suspicious of Tamara already there looking.
  • Emma knows that Hook should be back in Storybrooke by now. Emma asks Tamara a question and Tamara lies.
  • Gold, Hook, Snow, Charming and Emma are all on the Jolly Roger. The air is so thick with tension that one could cut it w/ a dagger. ;) Emma makes a reference of the movie called The Life of Pi. (Example: She compares Hook and Gold to the hyena and tiger…. or …. she grumbles about how she feels like a puny human trying to prevent fighting and eventual bloodshed between animals that are far stronger and mightier than herself, a simple girl who barely has a grasp on her own magic.)
  • Killian and Emma are having their first sexy times and Killian discovers that Emma has a hidden piercing somewhere.
  • one-shot about emma getting jealous of hook and tinker bell
  • Hook needs to graduate high school before he gets a job. So Emma makes him go to school with Henry. (Pretend Henry is older)

suggested by alandwithmagic

  • Emma Swan and the seven pirates.
  • A spell gone awry causes Hook to turn into Emma (Cora-as-Lancelot style). Or viceversa…
suggested by swashbucklerswan
  • During duel training, Emma conveniently forgets to tell an overly confident Hook a few things. 1) She’s the daughter of Charming. 2) She’s killed a dragon.

suggested by noctiscorvus

  • The group needs to travel by ship or get an item from some nobleman’s house and the only way to get in is for Killian, being the only man, and Emma, everyone else being a princess or warrior more likely to chop off his other hand, to pretend to be newly wed nobles.
suggested by whoatethepixies
  • The five times Hook and Emma used restraints and the one time they’re both free (can be as innocent or dirty as the writer chooses).
  • When Emma looks at the stars all she sees are dots of light caused by giant balls of gas burning millions of miles away. She doesn’t see the magic or the stories. When Killian looks at the stars he sees a way to navigate home.

suggested by veronikahwanders

  • This can be set pre-beanstalk, after beanstalk, AU, whenever and wherever you wish! “Emma’s curious about one thing. Hook knows the Lost Boys, so that means “Peter Pan” is real, well, to a certain degree. She needs to ask him about someone very special… Wendy Darling.” Now, this can go two ways (I’ll be in utter bliss if you do both): a) Hook does not know this Wendy girl. Emma decides to give up on asking about the characters and tells him the story. (In this, Emma is the representation of Wendy - since she tells Hook a story) b) Hook knows Wendy. But the story isn’t like Emma thought it was.

  • Cora is a well-known serial killer. Hook is a well-known thief (jewelry thief). Emma is a detective after Cora. During Emma’s investigation on Cora’s latest murder (guess what? Cora steals her victim’s hearts!), she crosses paths with Killian Jones. There’s a spark but they both go their ways. Later on she finds him again and they end up falling for each other but then she finds out he’s working with Cora. There can be other side roles (Snow, Ruby, Henry, Charming, etc), not just Emma, Hook and Cora.

suggested by obisgirl

  • Emma is a sheriff in Storybrooke in the old west and Hook is annoying bandit who will not leave her alone.
  • Accidentally married Captain Swan: Emma and Killian get drunk together, fast forward to the next morning and Emma wakes up in bed with him but that’s not the only surprise: there’s a ring on her finger and a similar ring on his. Emma freaks out and tries desperately to hide it from her parents.
  • what would a first date between Emma and Hook look like?
  • Inspired by a post I saw earlier about Hook being transfixed by Emma’s hand after pouring rum over it in Tallahassee. This is a drunken Captain Swan nc-17. What if Hook spilled rum over Emma while in bed and licked it all off her? The other one is, you know that line from Dead Poet’s Society, ‘Oh Captain my Captain,’ I don’t really care the circumstance or story but it just needs to be written in.
  • What if Hook and Emma’s first kiss isn’t a real one, where Hook’s hallucinating and thinks Emma is Milah but he kisses her anyway. Emma is totally floored and when she tries to talk to him later about it, Hook says that he doesn’t remember the kiss. Emma believes him. But clever Hook, after she leaves has a big grin on his face. He remembered everything.
  • Charming finds out about Emma and Hook’s growing attraction but instead of confronting them about it, he commiserates with Gold about it
  • I love Moulin Rouge.  It’s still one of my favorite movies.  So,  Killian is Christian, a struggling playwright and Emma is the courtesan who’s only rule is that she doesn’t allow herself to fall in love.  Following a case of mistaken identity, where Emma thinks Killian is someone else,  he falls in love with her.  And the Duke/evil maharaja is Neal and Emma and Killian carry on an affair behind the Duke’s back. 

    I know Moulin Rouge doesn’t have a happy ending but it’s a fanfic, so they can have one ;) 

suggested by andromeda3116

  • strip and/or drunk truth or dare, involving Ruby, Hook, Emma, and anyone else of your choosing.
  • Someone is getting married, and Emma is busy with all the preparations, leaving Henry and Killian alone, bored, and feeling awkwardly out-of-place. Chaos follows.

suggested by ladyfirefly

  • Emma and Hook watch the Princess Bride.

suggested by stormbravers

  • Snow’s trying to make up for the lost time and wants to have ~the talk~ with Emma, not knowing who else might be listening their conversation. “So, this ‘no prince without a cape’ thing… does it apply to pirates?” (the cape is a metaphor for condoms lol)

suggested by starswalkbackward156

  • 4 (More) Times Emma “bested” Hook & 1 Time Hook bested Emma
  • Fueled by liquor and a constant desire to outdo one another, Emma and Hook compare scars—first the physical, then the mental/emotional.
suggested by starsblazing
  • Emma and Hook doing their Christmas shopping. Bonus: getting a Christmas tree with Henry.
  • Shower scene? Hilarity i.e. Hook sneaks in to Emma’s shower.
suggested by diviant
  • August and Neal return, major battle against Cora in Storybrooke, Cora escapes the town into the real world, Emma badly wounded, Charmings decide to send her to the hospital in the city with August and Neal because she needs more medical care than they have available, Killian must decided whether to go with her or skin his crocodile

suggested by agoldenstar

  • Somehow Milah is back and Hook has to decide who’s he loves for real. Something happens to him and he need true loves kiss. Milah tries and does not succeed. Emma is the only one who can do it. Hook can listens to everything while in “coma”.

suggested by thecharmingswashbuckler

  • Cora takes Emma to Hook instead of Archie.

suggested by akindofwonderland

  • Emma and Killian are back in Storybrooke and are slowly becoming friends/part of each others lives… enter Neal. Neal comes back wanting nothing more than to rekindle his relationship with Emma and be a father to Henry leaving no place for Hook. Knowing a boy needs his mother and father and not wanting to stand in the way of true love Hook leaves/tries to leave. (Self-Sacrificing Killian makes my heart happy. This doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be a happy ending though.

suggested by lovingcaptainswan:

  • After much prompting from David, Mary Margaret and David decide to have “the talk” with Emma, when they notice she is spending more time than normal with a certain pirate.
  • Emma explains to Hook what condoms are. Much hilarity (and steaminess) ensues. Extra points for Hook complaining and trying to act like he doesn’t need them for them to be “safe”.
suggested by shakuganshana101
  • Killian Jones is the notorious pirate terrorising the seven seas and Emma Swan is the captain of the navy ship. HMS Tinkerbell. Both will have to work together to find the legendary fountain of youth or some other hard-to-get treasure.

suggested by dagr8khaleesi

  • A fic where someone explains to Hook that stories about his character exist in the real world. And Hook getting super offended by the fact that Captain Hook is not depicted as an intelligent, handsome young man but a bitter, grumpy, middle aged man whose a bit of a wimp.
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